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              Alcohol tester

              Alcohol tester

              CA2000-print is a highly reliable, high-precision, digital breath-alcohol detector. The core components using a new type of high-tech micro-change-oxide semiconductor. Can accurately detect the alcohol content of gas and not be disrupted by the smoke, cola, coffee and other non-alcoholic gas.
              CA2000-print is small and light, the size is 120*60*25 mm. It operates simply, the weight is only 200g, it is the best choice for portable applications.
              To supply the reliable evidence, on the base of CA2000, we increase the function of printing and data storage in computer, there is no change in the basic operation. When testing, if want print the value of measuring, please connect the cable from the alcohol detector and the micro-printer, then power on the printer, and installing the print paper is ok. When measuring value is zero, the micro-printer no action.
              Sensor:                                Highly selective semiconductor- oxide alcohol sensor
              Three figures display:                 (x.xx %BAC/BRAC)
              Detection rang:                         0.00~0.40%BACor 0.00~4.00mg/ml
              Detection accuracy:                     ±0.01%(0.01BAC)or ±0.05mg/liter(0.50 BRAC)
              Recovery time:                          30s
              Warm-up time:                           20s
              Induction time:                         5s
              Power consumption:                     can detect more than 300 times with a 9-volt battery.
              Bright characters:                     Red LED display, clearly visible at nitht
              Sound alarm:                           Alcohol concentration over limits, the alarm buzzer
              The notice as follows:
                Alcohol content: 2.70mg/ml
                Test sites:
                License plate number:
                Vehicle model:
                No. driving:
                Signature of being tested:
                Signature of tester:
                Test time:
                March 22,2007